The members of the PEP Foods Collective set out to accomplish one very important goal: To produce healthy vegan food and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of income. We made this commitment because we believe that nutritious food is a right – not a privilege – and that access to healthy vegan food is a way to help address the striking health disparities and lack of food access in many low-income Baltimore communities.

Our first mission as a Collective was to create delicious plant-based alternatives to meat and cheese because we understood that if we’re going to encourage people to change the foods they’re eating, we need to also provide an alternative to these foods. With this goal in mind, we used fresh, whole food ingredients to develop meat alternatives from wheat protein and non-dairy cheeses. After countless hours tweaking and re-tweaking our recipes, we finally came up with products we felt confident would be a delicious alternative to meat and dairy products.

The next step was to get feedback from the community, which we were able to do through two awesome public food tasting events. Hundreds of people attended these events, including activists, restaurant owners, buyers for grocery stores and, of course, Baltimore City residents. The feedback we’ve gotten from these tasting events has been essential to helping us create the most high-quality, delicious products possible. The only thing left to do now is to get the PEP Foods kitchen up and running so we can start producing and distributing low-cost vegan products to Baltimore


PEP Foods Tasting 2            Public Food Tasting 2            IMG_3406            Public Food Tasting 2


Stay tuned for more information about PEP Foods’ products and our community outreach efforts!

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